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SellOnEmax is


upload your information once, get multiple Proposals from leading Auction Houses and Dealers.


save time and skip the stressful process of contacting each Auction House or Dealer one-by-one.


exploit all the potential of our partnership with a wide range of experienced Auction Houses and Dealers, receiving Proposals for an auction sale, a direct sale or both.


compare Proposals side-by-side and choose the ones you like, no obligation to choose.


let us know if you need help in choosing.


SellOnEmax is completely FREE for Collectors ! SellOnEmax is payed by Auction Houses and Dealers with a fixed monthly fee.

SellOnEmax Features

Specialized Marketplace

A single place to publish your Items and make them available for Proposals from Auction Houses and Dealers around the world

Selling rapidly

Increase the selling speed of your Items, choose whether to make them available for auction sale or for direct sale

Selling Comfortably

We take care of finding Auction Houses and Dealers and informing them about available Items. Upload your Items and sit comfortably waiting to receive Proposals

Multiple Choices

You can receive multiple Proposals, choose the most convenient for you based on price and commission proposed


Organize your Items in different Folders, and you can receive Proposals on the whole Folder or on single Items


The only portal in which Collectors and Auction Houses and Dealers can comfortably and easily keep in contact.

SellOnEmax, few easy and fast steps

Step 1 – SUBMIT

To get started, simply submit images, expected price, category and details of your artwork Items in a new Folder, and specify if you like to receive Proposals for auction sale, for direct sale or both. Please be as detailed as possible in your description of the Item.


SellOnEmax will review your Folder and decide at its sole discretion which Items are suitable to be published on SellOnEmax, based on attractiveness, rareness, possible selling price of, and expected demand of the Item.


Once published on SellOnEmax, you will start receiving Proposals from worldwide Auction Houses and Dealers regarding your Folder as a whole or single Items. In case of auction sale, the Proponent will specify the minimum price to set for any single Item and the commission rate for itself.


You can review the Proposals received and decide to accept or refuse them. Accepting the Proposal on SellOnEmax represent only an expression of strong interest from you and does not legally bind you with the Proponent. You can accept one or more of them, with the limitation that one single Item can be included in only one accepted Proposal. If you need help on choosing among Proposals, we are happy to help you to choose the ones that makes the most sense for you. Proposals not accepted will be considered as refused after 60 days from their reception.

Step 5 – CLOSING (outside SellOnEmax):

You can continue your negotiations with the Auction House or Dealer and finalize them outside SellOnEmax.


If Step 5 fails and the deal is not finalized outside SellOnEmax, in absence of explicit negative feedback form the Auction House or Dealer, you can easily re-publish your Folder or single Items on SellOnEmax by clicking on the “re-list” button.

Don’t worry about your personal information. Your will appear as anonymous to Auction Houses and Dealers for most of the process. Your identity will be disclosed only if you accept one of their Proposals and only to the Proponent of the Accepted Proposal, for contacting you and continuing your negotiation outside SellOnEmax.

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